The Western edge of Kenya boasts a variety of wildlife and environmental sights.

Before Devolution and the split of the country into counties came along, this side of Kenya was called "Nyanza". It included part of the eastern edge of Lake Victoria a inhabited predominantly by the Luo. There are also Bantu-speaking tribes such as the Gusii, the Kuria and the Luhya living in the province. The province derived its name from the Sukuma, a Bantu-speaking tribe living on the Tanzanian shore of Lake Victoria, to whom the word Nyanza means a large mass of water.


Getting to the region is easy. Kisumu, the main city is served by an International airport with domestic flights from Nairobi daily and Trusted bus services.


The region is popular for its variety of foods depending on the tribes. Each have their own special delicacy. The luos are known for Omena (fish) and Ugali. The Gusiis are famous for their bananas and the Luhya are consumers of Chicken and Murenda (indigenous vegetables).


Due to immense growth in the region, cities and towns have largely become metropolitan with people from different tribes and races. There are many different landuages spoken as well by the different tribes, however with high literacy levels in the region and country, English is commonly known and spoken.